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Overview: KoRoot Guesthouse offers separate dormitory-style rooms for men and women. Each dorm provides accommodation for up to four guests. A couple's room and family room are also available for adoptees traveling with loved ones.

Discount: If you stay at KoRoot longer than 4 weeks(28 nights), we offer 20% discount of your room rate.

*This condition only applied to people directly coming from overseas.

Breakfast: A light and simple breakfast is available each morning on weekdays.

Amenities:  Air conditioning, shared kitchen, shared bath, a common area, free WIFI and a flat screen tv.

Linens: outdoor terrace/balcony and towels. Laundry onsite is 2,000 KRW per load. There is also a drying machine available for 2,000 KRW per load. 

More Information: See Reservation Policy and Guesthouse Rules

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